Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika

Journal titleDaya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika
Initials JDM
Abbreviation education, mathematics, JDM
Frequency 3 issues per year
DOI prefix 10.26858 by
Print ISSN 2541-4232
Online ISSN 2354-7146
Editor-in-chief Nurdin Arsyad
Managing EditorRamlan Mahmud
Publisher Universitas Negeri Makassar
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Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika is a journal that provides an authoritative source of scientific information for researchers and academics, research institutions, government agencies, and teacher education. We publish original research papers, review articles and case studies focused on mathematics education, mathematics and learning. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika published by the postgraduate mathematics education Universitas Negeri Makassar and successfully issued three times in each volume March, July and December. Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika has changed its name from Jurnal Daya matematis to Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika since 2018. Finally, since April 2019, the journal has been ACCREDITED  Sinta 3 by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the Republic of Indonesia as an achievement for the peer-reviewed journal which has excellent quality in management and publication and effective until 2024.

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Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika in collaboration with Ikatan Sarjana Pendidikan Indonesia (ISPI)



JDM UNM - Accreditated Rank 3 (Sinta 3) by RistekDikti of The Republic of Indonesia

ACCREDITATED Rank 3 by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Decree No. 3/E/KPT/2019, 14 January, 2019.

Thank you for your participation, and please keep in your heart that JDM UNM is us.
Posted: 2020-01-28

Call for Paper: Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika


Daya Matematis: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Matematika

Expand volume 7 December 2019 Our journals are in English, We invite you to submit your paper to JDM. Papers submission deadlines:

Volume 9 No.1 March 2021, submission deadline: 30 April 2021 (publish)
Volume 9 No.2 July  2021, submission deadline: 30 June 2021 (publish)
Volume 9 No.3 December 2021, submission deadline: 30 November 2021

Submit your manuscripts today (language English) through our online system.

The scopes of accepted papers are:

  • Ethnomathemtics
  • Mathematics education and instruction of learning models

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Posted: 2020-12-09
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Vol 9, No 2 (2021): Juli

Table of Contents


Lutfiani Cahyaningrum
Trisna Roy Pradipta
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.20220 Views : 156 times
Septia Nur
Yenita Roza
Maimunah Maimunah
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.20699 Views : 171 times
Sriyanti Mustafa
Amaluddin Amaluddin
Riska Riska
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.20266 Views : 77 times
Ayu Faradillah
Silvi Wulandari
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.20808 Views : 109 times
Ismiatin Nisa
Slamet Soro
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.20954 Views : 86 times
Niken Meiningrum
Wahidin Wahidin
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.20592 Views : 94 times
Tiesa Rahma Azzura
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.21207 Views : 50 times
Fitria Dwi Nurjannah
Hella Jusra
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.21472 Views : 221 times
Ikhbariaty Kautsar Qadry
Syahrullah Asyari
Nur Ismiyati
Muhammad Nurhusain
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.21555 Views : 229 times
Margaretha Weryana Lie
Desyarti Safarini TLS
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.21821 Views : 100 times
Ahmad Talib
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.22327 Views : 89 times
Rukli Rukli
Ma'rup Ma'rup
10.26858/jdm.v9i2.23577 Views : 68 times