Indonesian Journal of Social and Educational Studies

Journal titleIndonesian Journal of Social and Educational Studies
Frequency2 issues per year (July & December)
ISSN2086-6755 (Print)
ISSN2579-5686 (Online)
PublisherUniversitas Negeri Makassar
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Indonesian Journal of Social and Educational Studies (IJSES) is an-Opened Access journal and published twice a year every July and December. IJSES publishes research article conducting social and education topics. IJSES truly maintains the quality and research ethics. Every article submitted will be reviewed by experts during 4 weeks. Therefore, the announcement of article received to be published in this  Journal will be announced at least 4 weeks after article being submitted. We truly notice about plagiarism and the originality of article. IJSES covers all social sciences disciplines including Arts, Economics, Management, Edication, and others

Vol 3, No 2 (2022): Indonesian Journal of Social and Educational Studies

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Muhammad Adam Rifandi
Andi Agussalim Aj
Asia M.
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40514 Views : 12 times
Andi Ira
Mayong Mayong
Usman Usman
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40515 Views : 4 times
Ismail Ismail
Asia M.
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40516 Views : 12 times
Sartika S
Johar Amir
Azis Azis
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40517 Views : 2 times
Faisal Faisal
Salam Salam
Kembong Daeng
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40520 Views : 1 times
Muhammad Fadel Rachman
Juanda Juanda
Aslan Abidin
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40521 Views : 2 times
Nur Hariana
Abd Rahman Rahim
Ummu Khalsum
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40524 Views : 2 times
Tri Sulastri
Perdana Kusuma
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40526 Views : 7 times
Widyastuti Widyastuti
Nur Hikmah
Muthia Alfira
Salsabila Eka Putriani
Sintia Dwi Damayanti
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40529 Views : 14 times
Sri Rukmaeni Resa
Asia M.
Sultan Sultan
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40530 Views : 6 times
Andi Ihsan
Andi Muhammad Fadlih
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40840 Views : 0 times
Nurharsya Khaer Hanafie
Syamsul Bahri
Novayanti Novayanti
Ahmad Fudail
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40845 Views : 0 times
Syamsu Bakhri Gaffar
Latang Latang
Rahmawati Syam
10.35580/ijses.v3i2.40851 Views : 0 times
Sudiadharma Sudiadharma
Abdul Rahman
Ahmad Rum Bismar
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