Pengaruh Penerapan Pendekatan Keterampilan Proses Sains Terhadap Hasil Belajar Biologi Peserta Didik Kelas X SMA Negeri 6 Sinjai

Surya Ningsih(1*), Hilda Karim(2), Nurhayati B.(3),

(1) UNM
(2) UNM
(3) UNM
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract: This research aimed to know the effect of applied science process skill approach in biology learning result of student’s class X in SMA Negeri 6 Sinjai on plants material. This research is semi experimental with design of Pretest Posttest Only Control Group Design. Sample of this research chosen by random  sampling technique. Before the student given treatment the research conducted a pretest to know the students prior achievements, and after that the students are given a posttest to know the students final achievements. The collect data is analyzed statically by using descriptive and hypothesis test inferentially by using t test with significant standard 0,05. The result of the testing analysis is 0,001 < 0,05 so that 0is refused and H1is accepted. This result show that there is any effect of applied science process skill approach in students learning on plants material in SMA Negeri 6 Sinjai.­

Keywords: learning result, science process skill approach.

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