Implementasi Model Discovery Learning Sebagai Inovasi Dalam Pembelajaran Biologi Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Biologi Peserta Didik Kelas X Mia SMA Negeri 12 Makassar (Studi Pada Materi Plantae)

Dewi Adyani(1*), Nurhayati B.(2), Rosdiana Ngitung(3),

(1) UNM
(2) UNM
(3) UNM
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     The aim of this research was to determine implementation of the Discovery Learning model as an innovation in biology learning to improve students' biology learning outcomes at grade X MIA in SMA Negeri 12 Makassar. Research type is quasi experimental with pretest-posttest control group design. The sample were class X MIA 1 as experimental class and class X MIA 2 as control class using simple random sampling technique. Students' learning outcomes are measured using multiple choice and essays in plantae material. The collected data were analyzed in descriptive statistics and inferential statistics with Ancova. The results showed that (1) the average value of students’ learning outcomes who taught by the Discovery Learning model wasfall into the good category (2) the average value of students’ learning outcomes who taught by the conventional model was fall into the enough category (3) There is influence of Discovery Learning model on learning outcomes of student. The results showed that the model of Discovery Learning has an influence on learning outcomes characterized by the suitability of hypothesis test research. There is a research contribution to the improvement of learning outcomes of learners.

Keywords:  learning outcomes, discovery learning, plantae

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