Pemberdayaan Keterampilan Metakognitif Peserta Didik pada Pembelajaran Biologi

Rezki Eka Pratiwi(1*),

(1) Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:       Learning paradigm remodelling towards students centered leads students to be provided with high-level thinking skills. One of it is metacognitive skills. In fact, the empowerment of metacognitive skills has not been optimally applied in learning process. Some studies reported that middle-level students’s metacognitive skills are at the level of can’t really. It was disadvantageous because metacognitive skills can encourage their cognitive development. Metacognitive skills are an ability to control the thinking process. Students will find it easier to understand concepts in biological learning if they have good metacognitive skills. Metacognitive skills also help students become independent and responsible for their own learning progress and adapt their learning strategies to achieve the demands of the task. Such as planning task completion, comprehension monitoring and evaluating the cognitive development. Metacognitive skills are substantial and need to be empowered by educators because it helped students understand the subject matter one step ahead as their learning process reflection.. Keywords:   Metacognitive Skills, Biology Learning

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