Potensi Aplikasi belajar Biologi Berbasis Android dalam Meningkatkan Minat Belajar Siswa

Nur Asriyanti Juhaseng(1*), Lisma P. Bastian(2), Maslia Maslia(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:    Android is the most technology used by humans in this world. Utilization of android besides as medium of communication also as a learning medium known in mobile learning (m-learning) method. Mobile learning use media that are more owned by students from various conditions. Utilization of this technologi in learning to increase student learning outcomes. Student learning outcomes most depends of student interest in learning. Study of potential android based biology learning application aims to determine the ability of android-based biology learning application in increasing interst learning biology for students. The method used is literature review. The result of this study reveal that there was an increase in learning outcomes. So android based biology learning application has able to increase learning interest and learning outcomes. Keywords: biology learning application, android, learning interest of student

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