Jurnal Ilmu Sosiologi Dialektika Kontemporer

Jurnal Ilmu Sosiologi Dialektika Kontemporer published by the process of peer review and open access with p-ISSN: 2303-2324. published twice a year in June and December in the field of Sociology science.

Jurnal Ilmu Sosiologi Dialektika Kontemporer is a publication media to channel the scientific work of lecturers, theoretical, and practitioners in the field of Sociology, as well as observers of sociology.

This journal is published by the Sociology Doctoral Program in Postgraduate State University of Makassar. Publish the results of research, original thinking, development, teaching, popular writing, and book studies in the field of Sociology science.

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Volume 10, Nomor 1, January-June 2022

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Rizka Fadliah Nur
Taufik Eka Riandhana
Rasmi Rasmi
Andi Rosdianti Razak
Muhammad Yahya