Recasting Feedback on the Grammar Achievement of the Second Year Students of English Department Mulawarman University

Desy Rusmawaty(1*),

(1) Mulawarman University
(*) Corresponding Author


Many university students still experience the difficulties on the use of grammar correctly. They have problem to understand and implement the English sentence structure because the rules are far different from the rules in their native language. Implicit or recasting feedback can direct students’ attention to form without undue detraction from an overall focus on meaningful text. Therefore, it is necessary to do recasting feedback so the students are aware of the grammar problem they experienced. Since recasting feedback had a greater impact on short term morphosyntactic development, it is believed that it can be one of solution toward students’ problem in understanding English grammar. This study was conducted in the quantitative framework research design. Two groups of second year students of English department were the sample for this study. A pre-test was administered before the consecutive of recasting feedback started, and a post-test was given at the end. This study revealed that a group of students who were having overt feedback the mean score 64,37, while a group of students who were corrected by using recasting feedback had the mean score 79,05. After that, it was discovered that t test was bigger that t table (t test 5,42>2,042 t-table). It means that recasting feedback had improved students’ grammatical achievement.

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