Anxiety factors in delivering ideas of Indonesian EFL learners in undergraduate level

Nurul Muthmainnah(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


This research aimed to explore the anxiety factors in delivering ideas that befall students of English and Literature Department along with the strategy that they used to cope with their anxiety. The combination between quantitative and qualitative method were used in collecting the data from 20 participants taken by accidental sampling.  These participants consisted of 10 presenters and 10 audiences that covered six active students, two less active students, six silent students and the rest of them were also silent students except their turn as presenters. The data of anxiety factors were gotten from participants’ answer on questionnaires whereas the strategies to cope with their anxiety were taken from interviewing active and less active students.  Those data were analyzed using sequential explanatory model.  The result revealed that the most influential factors created students’ anxiety in speaking are fear of negative evaluation and error correction, lack of class preparation, little declarative knowledge, testing situation and competitiveness with percentage of each is 100%, and, the common strategies used by the active students and less active students to alleviate their anxiety are gaining experience to build confidence and making concept before speaking

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