Pemberdayaan masyarakat melalui KKN-PPM untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup masyarakat DAS Sungai Walanae Kabupaten Wajo

Marsud Hamid(1*),

(1) Pendidikan Teknik Elektro, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Tadampalie Village is one of the villages in
Sabbangparu Subdistrict which is in direct contact with the
potential Walanae River with fish yield. But the problems
faced are: 1) the lack of technology carried out by the
community in processing and utilizing the existing local
potential, 2) the limitations in getting clean water, 3) the
environment which is often flooded. Based on this basis, the
KKN-PPM was agreed to be implemented in 2018. The main
program is processing fish into ready-to-eat food, smoked fish
processing, and the application of appropriate technology for
water purification systems and utilization of environmentaloriented

septic tanks. it is expected that the quality of life and
income of the community will increase. The methods used are
training, mentoring, lectures, practices and demonstrations.
This KKN-PPM activity also involves partner institutions, the
Wajo Regional Government and community leaders in
Sabbangparu District. The number of students involved is 30
people with varied disciplines. The outputs are (1) the
existence of processed fish products such as: nuget, and abon
ikan, (2) smoked fish, (3) technology tools for fish fumigation,
and (4) availability of simple water purification systems for
each citizen and (5) model of septic tank Environmental
insight. Thus, it is expected that the quality of life of the
people in Tadampalie Village can increase, including
community income.

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