Pemanfaatan template dan referensi manager untuk penulisan KTI bagi Guru SMA

Nurhikmah H(1*), Citra Rosalyn Anwar(2),

(1) Teknologi Pendidikan, Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(2) Teknologi Pendidikan, Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


The activity of Community Partnership Program
(PKM) was carried out in SMA Negeri 5, Gowa District. The
partnership problems are: (1) the teacher tasks are more
difficult, one of which is to make scientific paper. Therefore
tricks are needed so that creating scientific paper will be faster;
(2) the use of technology for writing scientific paper such as
word compilation and reference manager applications are still
inferior; and (3) the sources of reading and supporting articles
in creating scientific paper are still inferior. The aims of this
workshop are to train the teachers of SMA Negeri 5
Tinggimoncong in Gowa in order to be able to use word
compilation application by using template, reference manager,
and to know reading sources in creating scientific paper. The
participants who participated in this activity are 23 persons
that consist of two speakers and three assistants. The results of
this workshop reveal that: (1) there is an improvement of
knowledge and skill for creating scientific paper, so that
teachers can explore ideas that will be written as scientific
paper promptly; (2) the participants have utilized technology
for creating word compilation application, reference manager
application, and template of scientific paper; and (3) the use of
application helps the participants for finding the source of
reading and supporting article in creating scientific paper.

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