Beternak ayam kampung dengan mesin penetas telur tenaga listrik

Zulhaji Zulhaji(1*),

(1) Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Lebang Manai is one of villages located in the Rumbia district, Jeneponto regency of South Sulawesi province. The majority of the population is engaged in agriculture, in this case gardening and they only relies on rainwater. Besides, most of them breed Kampong chickens and only use them as an entertainment. The maintenance, management, and production are not optimal so the results cannot be maximized or in other words the number of Kampong chickens that sold in the market are relatively small because the people have very limited knowledge/ skills to raise the chickens. This happened because the majority of the people there only sit in primary school. The main issue faced by the community is they lack of knowledge on how to make an electric egg incubator, do not have the skills on how to use an egg incubator, and failed to make a budget plan in breeding the chickens. The solutions for the problems are: 1) introduce them to modern technology, in this case is the electric egg incubator, as well as teaching how to make an egg incubator, 2) train them on how to use egg incubators, and 3) coach them to make budget plan. The method used was lectures, discussions, question and answer session, and the hands-on practice in making electric egg incubators and using them to incubate the eggs. The results of this study show that 1) the community in Lebang Manai understand and able to make an electric egg incubator, 2) the community in Lebang Manai can hatch the eggs using their egg incubators, and 3) the community in Lebang Manai able to make a budget plan.

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