Profil Hasil Belajar IPA Siswa Kelas III SD Inpres Ana Gowa

Rusni Rusni(1*), Arsad Bahri(2), Evi Ristiana(3),

(1) UNM
(2) UNM
(3) Unismuh Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract: Profile of science learning outcomes of third grade students of SD Inpres Ana Gowa. This study aims to describe the IPA learning outcomes of class III SD Inpres Ana Gowa students in the cognitive domain. This research includes survey research. The population in this study were all third grade students of SD Inpres Ana Gowa. The sample in this study were students of class IIIB and IIIC selected by simple random sampling. Data collection uses observation, interviews and documentation of student science learning outcomes. data analysis using descriptive statistics. The results showed that students' science learning outcomes were classified as low as evidenced by 10 students who did not reach the KKM and 23 students in the 68-70 range who did not exceed the KKM and 73% of the students were in the sufficient mastery level category and 14% were in the less category. The number of students in the sufficient category and not very large compared to the students in the good category and no students in the excellent category.Keywords: profile, science learning outcomes

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