Isolasi dan Karakterisasi Fisika Kimia Gelatin Pada Gabungan Tulang Kepala,Tulang Badan, dan Sirip Ikan Cakalang (Katsuwonus pelamis L.)

Firawati Firawati(1*),

(1) Universitas Indonesia Timur
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     Skipjack fish is one of the mainstay commodities of fishery exports from the Indonesian sea that its utilization is still low. Fish bones and fins are the remnants of unused fishery products in which there are collagen and protein complexes. Gelatin is a protein derivative of collagen fibers present in the skin, bones, and cartilage. Gelatin can be made from bone waste and skipjack fin. The objective of this study was to make gelatin with acidic method using HCl 2.5% which produces gelatin type A which has greater gel strength. The resulting gelatin has a water content of 9.59%; 2.23% ash content; protein content 77,97%; 0.47% fat content; the value of rendement 7,81%; qualitative analysis indicates that this gelatin has an α-helix chain; the NH group; carboxyl group; viscosity 223.54 cP; as well as the strength of 160 g of Bloom gel which can be used as a foam and gelling stabilizer in marshmallow food products, as a binder on pastilles, as a caramel emulsifier and stabilizer, and is a class 2 gelatin that can be used in the pharmaceutical field.

Keywords:          skipjack, gelatin, fish bone and fin, pharmacy.

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