Analisis Keterlaksanaan Pembelajaran Biologi dalam Implementasi Kurikulum 2013 di SMA Negeri Sekota Sengkang

Silfana Silfana(1*),

(1) Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract.  The 2013 curriculum is currently a hot topic discussed by education practitioners. At the beginning of the implementation stage as an effort to socialize and feasibility tests, the 2013 curriculum often reap confusion in the field. Based on the results of preliminary observations at all senior high school in Sengkang, Biology teachers tended to have difficulty in applying the scientific approach and the 2013 curriculum was only implemented in approximately two years. This indicates that the teachers have not implemented Biology learning based on its nature. The most important factor in the implementation of the 2013 curriculum is the readiness of the implementers of the curriculum itself. No matter how well the curriculum is used, it depends on the readiness of the teachers in implementing it. Therefore, teachers are asked to be more professional in preparing learning materials, learning models, learning strategies, use of learning facilities, able to use innovative models, strategies, and methods in learning, and have a teaching style that can generate a fun and meaningful learning environment. By analyzing the implementation of Biology learning in the implementation of the 2013 curriculum on the standard aspects of the process, namely planning, implementation, and assessment of learning is expected to maximize the implementation of the 2013 curriculum, especially in Biology learning. Keywords: Implementation of Learning, 2013 Curriculum

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