Vape Sebagai Gaya Hidup Komsumtif Baru Di Masyarakat

Dody Bimantara Marsigit(1*),

(1) Universitas Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author



The development of the era of modernization grows in line with the rapid development of lifestyle. Generally the development of lifestyle is in demand by urban communities, but with the many products make urban communities interested in the development of lifestyle so that this impact on behavioral patterns komsumtif society. as well as Vape or commonly referred to as Electric Cigarettes, is now developing and a choice of alternative smoking in the community, Serve healthier than conventional cigarettes, This is one reason why Vape quickly developed in Indonesia. Beginning with the many uses of Vape in the community, as well as the number of Vape sales shops in Indonesia, it is because of the research about lifestyle use of Vape among the community. This study uses qualitative methods, data collection techniques in this study are in-depth interviews and observation. The research theory used by the author is Consumtive Lifestyle Theory. The results obtained from this study is the lifestyle changes vape formed by the development of social development in society and Vape dikomsumsi not only seen from the value of the course but there will be 'mark value' in it.


Society; Vape; Lifestyle; Compulsive Behavior.

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