Market Based For Salt Business In Takalar District

Anwar Anwar(1*), Sitti Hasbiah(2), Amiruddin Tawe(3),

(1) State University of Makassar
(2) State University of Makassar
(3) State University of Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract. This research departs from the fact that MSEs have been a pillar of economic growth to date, but their business growth has spanned the problems of control and limited market access. The purpose of this research is to study and determine the formulation of business competitiveness based on the potential and market share of salt business in Takalar Regency. This research approach is descriptive quantitative research with the type of survey research. The sample unit is a salt business located in Takalar District. Collecting data using a survey with a questionnaire instrument through Likert scale measurement. Respondents were asked to provide answers to closed statements. The respondents are salt business owners. The data analysis method in this study uses descriptive statistics to describe the research variables. The results showed that the market potential for salt was very large, but market control was not optimal, so the increase in business competitiveness was still low. Salt business owners must innovate in building their business starting from controlling internal resources to optimize market control.


Keywords: Market Based, Salt Business

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