Water Content Influence to Electrical Properties From Soil Volcanic

Sulistiawaty Sulistiawaty(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


 The use of geophysical methods in agricultural studies requires a full understanding on the characters of soils, including the electrical properties. In turn, these properties might be affected by soil composition and mineralogy as well as the water content. In this study, models of volcanic soil were reconstructed using river sediments in the slope of a Bukit Tunggul, a mountain near Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The sediments were sieved to obtain the component three textual components of soils, i.e., sand, silt, and clay. Furthermore, next compositions base on ternary diagram i.e., loam, sandy loam, silty loam, sandy clay loam and silty clay loam. These soil samples were then inundated and dried while their volumetric water content, electrical conductivity as well as dielectric constant were observed every 2 minutes using EM50 Data Logger. The results show that the water content was dissolved media for ions mineral soil and didn’t major factors in controlling electrical properties.

Keywords: volcanic soil, water content, electrical conductivity, dielectric permittivity

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