Antibacterial Compounds Characterization in Chloroform Extract Leaves of Tahiayam Plant (Lantana Camara Liin.)

Muharram Muharram(1*), St. Nurzulaiha(2), Nurrahmania Nurrahmania(3), Iwan Dini(4), Pince Salempa(5), Maryono Maryono(6),

(*) Corresponding Author


The research has been conducted to determine the compound has antibacterial activity in chloroform extract of leaves of Lantana camara Linn.. Using the screening, isolation by column chromatography fractionation method and the structure was determined by IR and NMR. The results showed that the chloroform extract has bacterial activity and isolated two compounds where are 22-β-dimethylakriloiloxy-3-oxoolean-12-ene-28-oic and pektolinarigenine flavonoid compounds. Both have the activity against E. coli and S. aureus.

Keywords: antibacterial, L. camara. Linn., pektolinarigenin, Lantaden B

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