Learning about ICT and implementing it in English language classroom: an autoethnography study

Dyah Setyowati Ciptaningrum(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


This paper discusses an autoethnography study on an English language teacher (Linda) experiences in trying to implement what she learned on the use of ICT in her professional context during 2005 - 2009. This personal narrative is a therapeutic way to explore her past experiences on practicing what she has learnt regarding the use of ICT in the classroom. What material base that constitutes these practices is explored in this paper.  The paper begins by outlining the purpose of writing this autoethnography, followed by the teacher’s personal accounts related to the formation of her belief in the potential of ICT, her professional learning journey and her efforts in integrating ICT-based pedagogy in her professional context are highlighted. This paper concludes with a discussion of the meaning behind these experiences by drawing from Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory as the framework of analysis.


autoethnography, ICT-related professional learning, ICT integration, field, habitus, capital

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