Penggunaan Alat Penyerut untuk Meningkatkan Produksi Kerajinan Bambu pada Kelompok Pengrajin di Kota Tomohon

Zuldesmi Zuldesmi(1*), Robert R. Winerungan(2),

(1) Program Studi Teknik Mesin, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Manado
(2) Program Studi Manajemen, Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Negeri Manado
(*) Corresponding Author


Tomohon is a city that has many people craft’s industries and one of them is a bamboo craft industry in
Kinilow village. In this place, the production process of woven bamboo which starting from cutting down, skinning,
breaking until depleting processes is still traditional or manual by using machete and knife. As a result, the product
performance has a low quality because there is un-uniforming a product size (especially in the thickness) and form.
In order to solve that problem, in this activity, we apply a bamboo depletion machine to increase the quantity and
quality of bamboo depletion production for bamboo crafts. Bamboo depletion machine is a machine that works to
attenuate bamboo with the thickness that can be arranged as needed. This machine is used to help small
entrepreneurs produce bamboo depletion products in large quantities by saving time and labor. The results show that
this bamboo depletion machine has an average capacity of 550-650 layers/hour (about five times higher than manual
process). So that, the productivity and quality of products made of bamboo can be improved and uniform according
to consumer’s standards. Besides, tiredness and pains of workers can be released by using a bamboo depletion

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