Pemanfaatan Teknologi Energi Surya di Tumbang Datu

Matius sau(1*), Rombe Rombe(2),

(1) Program Studi Teknik Elektro, Universitas Kristen Indonesia Paulus Makassar
(2) Program Studi Teknik Elektro, Universitas Kristen Indonesia Paulus Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


The purpose of community service activities through the PKM program is to help, motivate, train and
assist Partners of the Karuaya Dance Group and the Carving Back Art Group in Lembang Tumbang Datu whose
efforts have not been economically productive, but have a strong passion and enthusiasm to work to make their
business especially successful dance and carving art of Tana Toraja. The life of partners with the community is very
lagging behind various aspects of life compared to the people in the surrounding area. The majority of the partner
groups dropped out of school, many did not graduate from high school, so they did not have the knowledge, abilities
and skills to develop their businesses in utilizing and managing the tourism potential so large around them. To
develop the business and standard of living of partners and surrounding communities, they are in dire need of
mentoring, training and touching the technology of solar power plants as a source of electrical energy lighting,
sound systems, charge mobile phones and other productive activities so that they can develop their talents and not
think of funds for electricity payments because solar electricity is free. The specific target of the Community
Partnership (PKM) program is to carry out development services utilizing dance and sculpture and art opportunities
as a source of income for partners and surrounding communities; Maintenance training for solar power plants at
partner locations; Produce solar cell products that can convert solar energy into electrical energy.

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