Mobile Banking: System Quality, Information Quality, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

R Amalina Dewi Kumalasari(1*), Kartika Indah Permanasari(2), Magdalena Karismariyanti(3), Dadang Munandar(4),

(1) Universitas Telkom
(2) Universitas Telkom
(3) Universitas Telkom
(4) International Women University
(*) Corresponding Author



The tight competition in the banking industry in the digital era encourages the digital transformation of the banking industry to remain competitive. This condition further widens the opportunities for banks to enter the digital banking business. On the other hand, other banks maintain the existing ecosystem by continuing to provide online services. Online services can be a choice of consumers to facilitate transactions. Quality information systems and services improve the consumer experience of using service technology. The successful implementation of service technology can be seen from user satisfaction, which leads to user's intention to continue to use service technology and ultimately recommend it to others. This study aims to evaluate the satisfaction of the mobile banking consumer experience using the information system success model. In this study, 176 respondents were collected from Bank Mandiri mobile banking users. Findings based on multiple regression analysis show that system quality, information quality, and service quality have a significant influence on customer satisfaction, which in turn affects loyalty. Achievement of consumer satisfaction and loyalty to mobile banking services, can be done by improving system quality, information quality, and service quality. and service quality has a significant influence on customer satisfaction, which in turn affects loyalty.


Mobile banking, system quality, information quality, service quality, satisfaction, loyalty, independent bank, Delone & McLane

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