: Call for Paper UNM Environmental Journals

UNM Environmental Journals (UEJ) Call for Papers 2018.

We invite you to submit your paper to UEJ. Papers submission deadlines:

Vol.2 No.1 April 2018, submission deadline: 10 Maret 2018
Vol.2 No.2 August 2018, submission deadline: 10 July 2018
Vol.2 No.3 December 2018, submission deadline: 10 November 2018

Submit your manuscripts today (in indonesia and English) through our online system. Klik UEJ to Register.

UNM Environmental Journals (UEJ) has been index by Google Scholars.


Aims and Scope UNM Environmental Journals (UEJ):

1. Research in environmental education, 
2. Teaching and learning, 
3. Theory and practice in environmental education, 
4. Sustainable Development, 
5. Natural Resource Management, 
6. Environmental Law and Policies, 
7. Technology and media of Environmental Education.