Perceptual learning style in English at Tri Dharma Nusantara Makassar Economic Science College

Esy Sartiah(1*), Serliah Nur(2), Sardian Maharani(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


This research discussed perceptual learning style of students in English at the fifth semester of Accounting Department of Tri Dharma Nusantara Makassar Economic Science College in academic year 2016-2017. This research aimed to know the kinds and the strategies of perceptual learning style of students in English with eighty-four students as respondents. This research focused on Reid's theory about visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, individual, and group in perceptual learning style and strategy. Thus, the data were analyzed using mixed method which meant that the researcher used questioner sheet and FGD as the instruments to find out the valid data. This research showed the questionnaire result that indicated there were 14 students (17%) as visual learners, 10 students (12%) as auditory learners, 16 students (19%) as kinesthetic learners, 6 students (7%) as tactile learners, 14 students (17%) as individual learners, and 24 students (28%) as group learners of perceptual learning style in learning English. The result from FGD indicated the visual learners learned well by seeing things, auditory learners learned well by listening, kinesthetic learners learned well when they were able to move around while learning, tactile learners learned well when learning by doing things with hands and touch sense, individual learners learned well when worked alone, and group learners learned well when studied at least one student. It can be concluded that the students were interested in group learners. Many students focused on group techniques in learning Engish material and they needed help from the others. Group learners’ strategy could also help them to improve their ability in learning English

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