Indonesian into English translation shift in Maryam novel as the examples of teaching translation

Dwi Haryanti(1*), Makna Sinatria(2), Muamaroh Muamaroh(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


Translation process and result can be used as teaching medium for translation practice. This article is a research result of Indonesia into English translation that was applied in teaching translation practice. The purposes of this article include classifying translation shifts and describing teaching on translation practice. The data are collected by comparing Indonesian and English novel of Maryam into The Outcast, which include sentences containing shifts found in the novels. Based on the analyzed data, the results indicate that there are four translation shifts. They are category, intra-system, level, and structure shift. The steps in teaching translation are (1) the students were asked to translate ten pages of Maryam novel into English; (2) the result of the translation were revised in class discussion; (3) the students were asked to revise their translation; (4) the lecturer explained translation shifts by giving examples; (5) the students were grouped in pairs and were asked to classify the translation shifts produced by their partners; (6) the lecturer facilitated the discussion by explaining the previous research result; (7) all students wrote the summary of the translation shifts they found. By doing all the seven steps in three meetings, the students classified translation shifts correctly

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