Multicultural Approach in Developing Instructional Learning Material at Indonesian Senior High School

Arifin Arifin(1*), Haryanto Haryanto(2), Muhammad Basri(3), Ansari Ansari(4),

(*) Corresponding Author


This study proposes Multicultural Indonesia is an authentic element of developing English language teaching and learning materials at Senior High School. The main approach underlying this study is mulitcultural perspective. This perspective is used as the basis of analysis. The data finding showed that 1) Indonesia Cultured topics, were identified on English textbooks published by Ministry of Education Department in 2014, did not have good proportion on English Textbooks. 2) There are some Multicultural Approaches can be applied in instructional learning materials based on Indonesian’s context for students of Senior High School, namely a) Contribution Approach, b) Additive Approach, c) Transformative Approach, and d) Social Action Approach.These approaches are appropriate for developing Multicultural Indonesia as English Teaching and Learning materials for student of Senior High School. Based on the result study above, it can be concluded that developing Multicultural Indonesia on English textbooks is urgent to be designed with multicultural approaches based on Indonesian’s context. Finally, by having a good understanding of Multicultural Indonesia, teachers and students are expected to be aware the importance role of Multicultural Indonesia in order to actively take part in maintaning the awarness of their own multicultural.

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