Diversifikasi peningkatan kualitas dan perluasan pemasaran produksi industri tenun sutera

Moh. Thamrin Mappalahere(1*),

(1) Fakultas Seni dan Desain, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


The problems in VMT program are 1) the partner
industry does not know variety of motif designs and does not
recognize color dyeing techniques using Indogosol dyes that
can last longer and do not fade and 2) the partner industry only
used limited range of colors. The Multi-Year Vucer Program
aims to improve the quality of product design and silk
coloring, to develop silk color variations as an effort to
increase sale production and to introduce color dyeing using
Indogosol which utilizing the sunlight in the process of
coloring. This effort is carried out as an effort to increase
selling value and production of silk and weaving business
located in Sempange village of Tana Sitolo district in Wajo
regency. The method used in this program were lectures,
discussion, demonstration and question and answer session.
The results showed that the small-scale industry can make
varied motif designs with coloring techniques using Indogosol
dyes that are resistant and can increase their sale production
and they finally able to develop color variations according to
consumer needs and trends in market as an effort to increase
the sale value of export products.

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