Analisis Kebutuhan Barter (Biology Kwartet Card) Terhadap Pembelajaran Biologi Sekolah Menengah

Muh. Wahyudi Jasman(1*), Dinda Marzuki(2), Nur Aisyah Ainun(3), Miftahul Jannah Arsyad(4),

(1) UNM
(2) UNM
(3) UNM
(4) UNM
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     Learning method in school is less interesting and tend to be bored for students. Students difficulties in understanding biology lesson and the lack of interactive learning media that easy to understand becomes a basic to design a biology learning media. Biology Kwartet Card is a children game that can be utilized as a learning media and support its learning process. This research is observational developmental by using the model of ADDIE who is drawn the line at only phase analysis. Based on requirementt analysis, characteristic of conten that corresponds to this media is bound up conceptual conten that its classify something as numeric as plant, animal. This media gives student chance to construct the knowledge based its own interpretation. Students get studying experience as active learner rather than just receiving the lesson. This media combine both visual learning and auditorial learning in order to instill and provide a conceptual understanding in a fun way so that effective learning can be achieved. One of the characteristics of effective learning is having a fun learning condition and the students giving active participation in learning by using the game media.

Keywords:  biology kwartet card, learning mmedia, eeffective learning.

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