Komposisi Tanaman Akuatik Di Danau Tempe Kabupaten Wajo dan Pemanfaatannya Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Ekologi Tumbuhan

Muhammad Nasir(1*), Muhammad Nur(2),

(1) STKIP Puangrimaggalung Sengkang
(2) STKIP Puangrimaggalung Sengkang
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     Aquatic Plants are very  important role in a waters due to it serve maintaing the balance of aquatic ecosystems. This study aims to identify and analyze the aqatic plants in Lake Tempe of Wajo Regency and  utilization as learning media and observation subject of ecology plants for students biology education in STKIP Puangrimaggalatung Sengkang. The research was conducted from July to September 2017. Sampling were taken by  transect technique and using two line transect (plot M and plot N). Based on identified aquatic plants applied that consisted of 6 families and 9 species. Overall, density value of aquatic plants is 0.043, relative density 1.00001%, frequency 7.5, relative frequency 1%. The value of species diversity (H') is 1.35 which showed moderate species diversity, and dominance index (D) 0.31 showed aquatic plants that dominate. The most dominant aquatic plant is Echhornia grassipes in two locations of observation.

Keywords:  aquatic plant, tempe lake, learning media

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