Pengembangan Penuntun Praktikum Biologi Berbasis Inkuiri Terbimbing Untuk Kelas XI SMA

Fenny Hasanuddin(1*), Muhammad Danial(2), Andi Mu'nisa(3),

(1) UNM
(2) UNM
(3) UNM
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     This research is a Research and Development (R & D). This research and development aimed to develop a module based on scientific approach in reproductive system material on a valid, practical and effective to the students of Senior High School. The development procedure used in the study was based on ADDIE model which consisted of five stages namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The data were collected through learning module validation process, students and teachers' responses questionnaire, and learning result test. The collected data were analyzed by using quantitative-descriptive analysis. The results of the research reveal that Biology learning module based on scientific approach is valid, practical, and effective. It is stated as valid because Biology learning module based on scientific approach which is developed had met validity criteria with "Valid" category. It is stated as practical because students and teachers extremely positive responses on the module and effective as well because it had fulfilled effectiveness namely the students' learning result test had met classical completeness criteria by 95%.

Keywords:       research & development, biology module, reproductive system, scientific approach

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