Pengembangan E- Modul Biologi Berbasis Nilai Iman dan Taqwa pada Siswa MA Kelas XI

Ridwan Ridwan(1*), Adnan Adnan(2), Arsad Bahri(3),

(1) UNM
(2) UNM
(3) UNM
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     The Qur'an is a guide in laying a strong religious foundation on human life process. Problems in learning is the low moral attitude among school adolescents, such as student brawl, ditching school, and lack of courtesy attitude among students with teachers. Many moral problems that cause in the low ability of student learning outcomes are always very apprehensive. This study aims to develop a faith-based and piety-based biology e-module that can provide self-awareness for students to behave well and interpret the essence of human creation. This research is type of research and development (Research and Development) which refers to model development of ADDIE. The stages of this research are Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation. Experimental e-module validation results indicate that the developed IMTAQ-based biology module is valid with an average percentage of 82.17%. Thus the test module developed can be said to be valid based on validation test results that have been implemented.

Keywords:  biology e-module, imtaq, development

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