Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Visual (Komik IPA Terpadu) Pada Materi Fotosintesis Untuk Siswa Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 1 Manokwari

Iwan Iwan(1*), Purwo Adi Saputro(2), Jan H. Nunaki(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:     This study aims to develop visual-based learning media (IPA integrated comics) on photosynthetic material that is valid, practical, and effective. This research refers to the development model of ADDIE with the stage of Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluate. Result of Development Visual-based learning media (Integrated IPA comics are generally located in Valid Criteria) The result of Comic Media validation analysis M = 4.21 is included in valid category, and RPP M = 4.06 included in valid category Results of limited trial of comic media fulfill the criteria of practicality The result of observation of learning device implementation and comic media during the experiment was obtained M = 3.91 (made entirely) with R = 0.86 which means to be in reliabel category (reliable) The Test Results generally show the effectiveness of the device and learning media.Search data from teacher ability to manage learning with average is KG = 4,96 is in very high category with reliability value is 0,89 (reliable), observation value of student activity during learning process that is 81,42% where the value exceeds the minimum requirement of 75% .The data percentage of student responses to integrated comic learning media of 87.22 % respond positively. Student learning outcomes obtained Percentage of classical completeness of 83.33% of the KKM value..

Keywords:       learning media, integrated ipa comic, photosynthesis, model addie.

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