Optimalisasi Keberhasilan Kultur Jaringan Toona sinensis Roem. dan Toona sureni Merr. Melalui Fishbone Analisis

Jayusman Jayusman(1*),

(1) Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Bioteknologi dan Pemuliaan Tanaman Hutan Sleman, Yogyakarta
(*) Corresponding Author


ABSTRACT  Evaluation of Toona sinensis Roem. and  Toona sureni Merr. tissue culture propagation is intended to analyze the problem and the influential factors,  determine the most dominant factors, determine the most appropriate corrective action to optimize the success of the preparation of clonal material. Descriptive analytical research methods, with data collection techniques through observation, in-depth interviews and logbook test reviews. Data analysis using check sheets, Pareto charts, and fishbone analysis. The results showed two dominant factors that caused explant failure not to grow and develop into plantlets, namely (1) method factors (not available standard operational procedures including explant preparation, sterilization, the standard of growth hormone concentration, and the determination of specific techniques which include induction, multiplication, rooting phases and acclimatization and (2) material factors (explant number, explant source quality and form of explants). Success optimization phase can be focused on improving the quality of explant material through the building of a hedge orchard to assurance the quality of explant juvenility and perfecting the method through the optimization  of the sterilization multiplication, and rooting phases to increase the success T. sinensis Roem. and  T. sureni Merr. tissue culture in the next period.
Keywords: explant, clonal, tissue culture, Toona sinensis Roem. and Toona sureni Merr

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