Pentingnya Motivasi Peserta Didik terhadap Hasil Belajar Biologi

Nur Afni Yulistiawati(1*),

(1) Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract:   Achievement and success of a learning process can be seen from the value of learning outcomes obtained by students. Learning outcomes are the maximum benchmarks that have been achieved by students after learning during a certain time. The low learning outcomes of students can be proven by there are still many students who cannot achieve learning outcomes in accordance with KKM when taking mid-semester exams and final exams. This is evidenced by the results of preliminary observations carried out by researchers at several schools in Soppeng District which showed that student learning outcomes were still below the KKM standards with a score of 75 on biology subjects. Based on the reality in the field, in the process of biology learning students have different learning motivations. There are students who have high learning motivation, but there are also students who have low learning motivation. This is indicated when the teacher explains the material in the class, there are students who pay close attention but there are also students who do not pay attention to the teacher's explanation. This can occur because of the lack of learning motivation in students to learn in order to get high learning outcomes. The low learning outcomes are influenced by two factors, internal factors exist in students and external factors that are outside of students. Other internal factors that can affect student learning outcomes are motivation to learn. motivation to learn is an internal and external encouragement to studentswho are learning to make changes in behavior. Students who have high learning motivation, learning outcomes tend to be high and vice versa, students whose learning motivation is low, will also have low learning outcomes. With high motivation, it is expected to be able to support high learning outcomes for students and obtain maximum learning outcomes. Keywords: Motivation, Biology Learning Outcomes

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