Analisis Kebutuhan Pengembangan Instrumen Penilaian Autentik Berbasis Literasi Sains Peserta Didik Kelas X

Ainin Irfika A. Jalal(1*), Nurhayati B Nurhayati B(2), Abdul Hadis(3),

(1) Universitas Negeri Makassar
(2) Universitas Negeri Makassar
(3) Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract: This study aims to analyze the needs development instrument assessment Authentic based science literacy for X grade of SMAN students who are based on the initial stages of developing model the ADDIE is the stages of analysis. Needs analysis of nstrument assessment Authentic based science literacy needs consist of  need analysis, student analysis, content analysis, structural  and learning objectives analysis. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. Data collection techniques were observation and interviews. Based on the results of research that prove that (1) there is no interest in answering questions about the form of discourse where the tendency of students to like multiple choice questions rather than an essay (2) students memorize the learning material so cannot be used them in daily life (3) aspects of knowledge that are still limited to cognitive abilities and memorization and have not achieved mastery of scientific literacy (4) the low achievement of science literacy of students (5) the unavailability of a scientific literacy test in schools. The results of this study were used as the basis for developing instruments based on science literacy for class X students of SMAN. The results of the study show by needs analysis most students use learning by memorizing which can influence them cannot understand the concept and apply complex concepts. Students can use the concepts in everyday life if they have a good understanding of the concept itself. Based on the needs analysis that have been carried out, it is necessary to develop an instrument based science literacy for developing students' abilities and literacy levels. Science literacy is the ability to decide, communicate and apply science skills to solve problems. Keywords: needs analysis, assessment instruments, science literacy

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