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Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan

p-ISSN : 2339-0794 e-ISSN : 2477-0515

Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan is a a national scientific journal of educational research publication published by Lembaga Penelitian Mahasiswa Penalaran, Universitas Negeri Makassar ( LPM Penalaran UNM ). Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan published twice a year, in June an December, consistent with 20 research works from lectures, teachers, and student. Every article submitted will go through the peer reviewing stage. Journals can be accessed openly by anyone. 

Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan (JNP) Publishes the best articles on the result of educational research which includes science  education, social education, economic education, language education, education in learning, evaluation of education, and educational technology. 

JNP is Published by Lembaga Penelitian Mahasiswa Penalaran Universitas Negeri Makassar (LPM Penalaran UNM) in Collaboration with Persatuan  Guru Republik Indonesia (PGRI) Sulawesi Selatan  

Before Submitting an article, make sure the Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan Writing Template and guidelines. Articles that do not meet the requirements according to the  Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan writing guidelines will not be processed.



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We are the organizer of Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan

Invite Lecturers, teachers and, students to publish the educational research result on Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan Volume 12 Number 1 which will be published in June 2023 and Volume 12 Number 2 to be published in December 2024

We don't accept articles that are indicated to do plagiarism.

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The main secretariat of LPM Penalaran UNM at the Student Activity Center Building Campus UNM Gunung Sari Zip Code 90222 and Alternative Secretariat of LPM Reasoning UNM Jalan Daeng Tata No 15 Makassar

Phone : 0895800629897

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2024: Article In Press

All Accepted manuscripts/articles are pre-published temporarily in "Article In Press journal 2024" and are not assigned to volume/issue number yet. That's mean all articles in this pre-issue are in waiting for formal publishing in a next issue. Please be noted that DOI number in this In Press issue is not registered yet.

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Andi Asrafiani Arafah
Sukriadi Sukriadi
Ririt Riyanti
10.26858/jnp.v12i1.54206 Views : 19 times
Nurlinda Nompo
MA Martawijaya
Mutahharah Hasyim
Mahir Mahir
10.26858/jnp.v12i1.60891 Views : 30 times
Fitrah Asma Darmawan
Purnamawati Purnamawati
Mustamin Mustamin
Fauziyyah Alimuddin
10.26858/jnp.v12i1.61632 Views : 18 times
Farida Aryani
Suciani Latif
Muhammad Rafli
10.26858/jnp.v12i1.62922 Views : 10 times
Nur Afif
M. Ahkam Alwi
Faradillah Firdaus
10.26858/jnp.v12i1.56864 Views : 15 times