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Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan is a publication journal of educational research results published by LPM Penalaran UNM.

p-ISSN : 2339-0794 e-ISSN : 2477-0515

Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan is published twice in one year (June and December), consists of 20 works of research coming from lecturers, teachers, and students.

The papers published in this journal have never been published in print. The format of the articles received in accordance with the writing guidelines of LPM Penalaran UNM.



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We are the organizer of Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan

Invite lecturers, teachers, and students to publish the educational research result on Jurnal Nalar Pendidikan Volume 9 Number 1 which will be published in June 2021 and Volume 9 Number 2 to be published in December 2021

We don't accept articles that are indicated to do plagiarism.

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