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This study aims to determine the mengembnagkanpembelajaran Creativity teachers teach social studies in SMP Negeri 23 Makassar . In this study the analysis used is descriptive qualitativ. The focus of research is the teacher is teaching creativity in SMP Negeri 18 Makassar. Where the author just wanted to obtain data related to the efforts of teachers' creativity in developing learning IPS Subjects in SMP 18 Makassar as the creativity of teachers in lesson planning , creativity of teachers in the implementation of learning, in order to further maximize the application of creativity in learning Subject The SMP 18 Makasaar.Data was collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of this study indicate Efforts Creativity Learning Teacher In developing subjects in SMP 18 Makassar namely Creativity Master in Planning Learning and Creativity Teachers In Learning Implementation. Where is the creativity of the learning plan addressed the issue of teacher effort in preparing lesson plans, teacher effort in providing book- textbooks (revised) learning materials, teachers ' efforts in making LKS creativity, and creativity of teachers' efforts in selecting instructional media while creative efforts of teachers in the implementation of learning addressed the issue of teacher's creativity in open / start learning, creativity in the member motivation of teachers to students, teachers creativity in building concentration of students, teachers creativity in selecting methods, media, materials and strategies of learning, creativity teachers in classroom management and creativity of teachers in the assessment of student learning outcomes. Categorized still lacking due to the lack of teacher effort in making new methods created themselves


Creativity, teaching, development, learning

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