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IJoLE: International Journal of Language Education is an international peer reviewed and open access journal in language education. The aim is to publish conceptual and research articles that explore the application of any language in teaching and the everyday experience of language in education. Its scope is international in that it welcomes articles from academics, researchers, graduate students and policy makers. All articles should be in English.

The scope of journal: assessment and testing in language learning and education; applied linguistics methodologies and issues; classroom language teaching issues; culture and power in language education; language curriculum development and implementation; effective methods for language teaching; diversity, multiculturalism and language education; gender, language and higher education; language skills, development, and issues; language learning and identity; literacy, bilingualism and bilingual education; and teacher training, gender and equality in language education.

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IJoLE: International Journal of Language Education is published by Faculty of Languages and Literature Universitas Negeri Makassar in collaboration with Indonesian Association for Bilingual Education

Call for Papers
  • Assessment and testing in language learning and education
  • Applied linguistics methodologies and issues
  • Classroom teaching issues
  • Culture and power in language education
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • Effective methods for language teaching
  • Diversity, multiculturalism and language education
  • Gender, language and higher education
  • Language skills, development, and issues
  • Language learning and identity
  • Literacy, Bilingualism and bilingual education
  • Teacher training, gender and equality

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Call for Editorial Board Members

Dear researchers/authors, IJoLE is the scopus indexed journal that invites you to be one of the editorial members for the next three years. If you are interested, please send your CV:  
Posted: 2021-02-17
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Vol. 6, No. 1, 2022

March 2022

Table of Contents


Festif Rudolf Hoinbala
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.20196 Views : 359 times
Mitiku Tasisa Dinsa
Getachew Seyoum Woldamariam
Dagne Tiruneh Dinsa
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.19272 Views : 267 times
Khadijah Khadijah
Enny Nazrah Pulungan
Rizki Hariati
Maisarah Maisarah - [ ]
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.20145 Views : 257 times
Wahyudi Rahmat
Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh
Yohan Kurniawan
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.30752 Views : 292 times
Yulianeta Yulianeta
Aizan Yaacob
Arif Husein Lubis
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.22957 Views : 259 times
Sahril Nur
Ismail Anas
Rahayu Rahayu
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.26141 Views : 240 times
Ifan Iskandar
Sri Sumarni
Ratna Dewanti
Muhammad Nur Ashar Asnur - [ ]
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.31574 Views : 250 times
Amirullah Abduh
Karta Jayadi
Anshari Anshari
Muhammad Basri
Muhammad Arham
10.26858/ijole.v6i1.32384 Views : 262 times