A. Mu'nisa(1), A. Muflihunna(2), Yusmina Hala(3*),

(*) Corresponding Author


Water boiled  sappan wood is a health drink that is often consumed by society at large in Indonesia. This study aims to determine the activities of the wooden cup remedy by using DPPH (1,1 - picrylhydrazyl -difenil -2). Samples were wood sappan cooking water. Test methods used DPPH antioxidant activity as free radical absorbers . The ability of antioxidants measured by a decrease in DPPH absorbance at a wavelength of 513.1 nm . Samples wood sappan made with a concentration of 1 %, 2 %, 3%, 4%, 5% and 6% with the addition of DPPH by using a UV -Visible spectrophotometer . The results showed that the samples of the wood sappan 6 % have the highest antioxidant activity at a wavelength of 513.1 nm . It is concluded that Fern stems isolates have the ability to reduce free radical DPPH. The ability to reduce free radical DPPH sappan wood is greater than the ability of quercetin. IC50 value of the sappan wood is 0.047 mg / mL greater than quercetin is 5054 mg / mL.

Keywords : Sappan wood, DPPH, antioxidant

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