Characterization of crude chitinase produced by Trichoderma virens in solid state fermentation

Rachmawaty Rachmawaty(1*), MADIHAH BINTI MD SALLEH(2),

(2) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
(*) Corresponding Author


The objective of this study to ensure the appearance of the enzymes produced by Trichoderma virens and to obtain information on the optimum conditions for the enzymes in its specified reaction. Crude chitinase produced by Trichoderma virens presented three types of chitinolytic enzymes: endochitinase, exochitinase and protease. The optimal temperature for crude chitinase at 600C and optimum pH at 3.0.  Crude chitinase stability decreases as incubation temperature increases, however, crude chitinase was found to be stable over a range at pH acidic.  T. virens growth in the solid substrate with shrimp waste as substrate produced crude chitinase with several chitinolytic enzymes based on its protein visualization on SDS-PAGE.  This crude chitinase has endochitinase (50 and 42 kDa) exochitinase (33 and 25 kDa) and protease (18 kDa).

Keyword : Chitinase, Trichoderma virens, Solid state fermentation

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