Analysis Von Bertalanffy Equation With Variation Coefficient

Usman Pagalay(1*), Budiawan Budiawan(2), Anisyah Anisyah(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


Growth is the increase of size, both its length and weight at a specific time period. In studying the behavior of the growth of fish used a growth model that is Von Bertalanffy models. However Von Bertalanffy models showed that the growth rate is a constant function. Meanwhile these assumptions can only describe the dynamics of growth of marine life in an environment of constant and fail to describe the dynamics of the growth of marine organisms whose growth varies seasonally or by time. Von Bertalanffy models thus developed with a coefficient of variation which gives additional biological realism of Von Bertalanffy models into a population that enables the growth rate by changing the size of the body with seasonal variations. This study aims to find solutions of to the equations Von Bertalanffy Model with a coefficient of variation and actualize the model on Wader pari fish and skipjack, with the incorporation coefficient time varied significantly will increase the the ability of Von Bertalanffy’s model to describe the changes of fish’s body size up to the long asymtot by considering the growth factors such as temperature, water temperature and food availability that exist within the environment.

 Keywords: Growth, Von Bertalanffy, Varying Coefficient, actualization

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