Increase The Production and Quality of Biogas from Waste of Cattle Rumen Content Through The Addition of Molasses and Zeolite

Ramli Ramli(1*), Satria Aly(2), Hartono Hartono(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


Currently, The requirements of domestic energy must be directed to the diversification of energy sources other than petroleum. One of them is biogas. This research aim to determine the number and quality of biogas production from waste of cattles rumen content through the addition of molasses and zeolite. This study uses an anaerobic digester which comprised four treatments: control; waste of cattles rumen content with the addition of molasses (B); waste of cattles rumen content with the addition of zeolite (C); as well as waste of cattles rumen content with the addition of  molasses and zeolite (D) on a laboratory scale with total volume of 5 liters and a retention time of 21 days. the volume of biogas formed is measured and tested the levels of methane gas using gas chromatography. in addition to the pH and temperature are also measured as the supporting data that support this research. based on results the average production of biogas in control digester for 21 days as much as 21.57 ml, while in  the addition of molasses as much as 200 grams increase production with the average volume is 26, 5 ml. as for the concentration of methane gas, the addition of molasses can increase the concentration of methane. while the zeolite has a negative effect on the amount of biogas production. Zeolites absorb the gases contained in the digester, thereby reducing the volume of gas in the digester.

Key word: biogas production, molasses, zeolites, waste of cattles rumen content

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