Implementation of Accreditation Policy and Quality of Public Primary School Education Service in South-Sulawesi

Andi Cudai Nur(1*), Sumarlin Mus(2),

(*) Corresponding Author


School accreditation is the process of a comprehensive assessment of the feasibility programs and educational units, which be realized in a certification issued by an independent and professional institution. Implementation of accreditation using a comprehensive accreditation instrument was developed based on the standard that refers to the National Education Standards (NES). The purpose of this study was to understand how the reality of the implementation of coaching accreditation, schools accreditation and the quality of primary school education services in District / City of South Sulawesi. This research used a qualitative approach. Design of this research is phenomenology; data collection is done by using in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. To obtain valid research results, researchers used three criteria, the level of credibility, transferability, and confirmability. Accreditation assessment refers to the minimum service standards that have been set those are standard facilities and infrastructure, educators and educational standards, curriculum, educational assessment, quality assurance of education and school management. From some of the assessment indicators, standard facilities and infrastructure is one indicator that is considered to inhibit schools in getting the maximum accreditation assessment.

Keywords: Coaching Accreditation, Quality of Education Services

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