Histological study of the respiratory system of Sulawesi Medaka fish (Oryzias celebensis): as a candidate of animal model

Dwi Kesuma Sari(1*), Irma Andriani(2), Khusnul Yakin(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


Sulawesi medaka fish (Oryzias celebensis) is a type of medaka fish that are endemic in the region of South Sulawesi. The use of medaka fish as a candidate animal model has been started which has similarities with the Zebra fish that was first developed as an animal model. This research aims to study the histology of the respiratory system in Sulawesi medaka fish. Histological observation on the respiratory system of Sulawesi medaka fish using gills organ. Histological observation showed  that the gills have afferent arterioles at the end of the primary lamellae and efferent arterioles at the bottom of primary lamellae. The epithelial cell layer along the surface of the lamella, chloride cells and mucous cells among the base of secondary lamellae, cartilage at the base of the primary lamellae, venous sinus along the primary lamellae which is forwarded to the secondary lamellae through the capillaries and pillars cells in the secondary lamellae. In general the structure of the respiratory system in Sulawesi medaka fish similar with Zebra fish as well as other Teleostei fish.

Key words: Sulawesi medaka fish, respiratory system, gills, animal model

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