Application of Student’s Worksheet Based on Local Wisdom in Physics Learning of The Tenth Science-Grade Student of SMA Negeri 1 Sungguminasa

Mardhiyyatin Naqiyah(1*), Nurhayati Nurhayati(2), M. Agus Martawijaya(3),

(*) Corresponding Author


This is a pre-experimental research using one-shot case study design that aims to get the description of physics learning outcomes from cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspect of students in Tenth Science-Grade of SMA Negeri 1 Sungguminasa Academic Year 2014/2015 after being taught by using worksheet based on local wisdom. The subject in this research were students in class X MIA 5 that consist of 41 people. Descriptive analysis showed that in the realm of cognitive, about 2.44% of students ranked in the "very understanding" category, while 90,24% of students were in the "understanding” category and the remaining 7.32% were in the "quite understanding" category. In affective aspect, there are about 95.12% of students who were in the "good" category and 2.44% were in the "quite good" category. Meanwhile, in psychomotor aspect, “highly skilled” category occur in 7.32% of students, while 73.17% of students were in the "skilled" category and the remaining 19.51% were in the "skilled enough" category. The result indicated that the physics learning achievement of students in the whole three aspects is good. Thus, it can be concluded that learning physics by applying worksheet based on local wisdom is one of the alternative that can be used to maximize the physics learning outcomes of students.

Keywords: learning outcome, local wisdom, worksheet

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