Development of Potential Local-Based Edukative Book; A Child Stimulation Guide at Home

Suardi Suardi(1*),

(1) Faculty of Science Education, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Family especially parents have a strategic role in optimizing the development of the potential of children naturally. Nevertheless, the realization of the ideal roles expected from families, especially in rural areas in Indonesia, has not been fully realized because parents in general have limited knowledge of what should and can be done to optimize child development at home. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the ability and parenting skills in stimulating children by developing local potential based educative books as a guide to environmental conditions that can make children enjoy and benefit in every phase of their development. Educative book development begins with the identification of learning resources including tools, materials, and eligible cultural results are used to stimulate children. Identification results are used as a reference to design a number of educational activities by parents at home to stimulate the child either through sight, speech, hearing, or touch. Designing design takes into account the suitability of stimulation activities with the stages and developmental needs of children, the nature of children's learning, and the nature and principles of child stimulation programs. Such suitability is required to obtain a judgment expert from a child education expert as well as a child development psychology, so that the local potency-based educative book developed has the flexibility to use it.


Educative Book; Local Potential; Stimulation of children at home

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