Model Of Writing Materials Based On Experiental Language Learning Approach For Second Grade Students Of University Of Borneo Tarakan

Arifin Arifin(1*), Yansar Yansar(2), Siti Fathonah(3),

(1) University of Bornoe Tarakan, North Borneo
(2) University of Bornoe Tarakan
(3) University of Bornoe Tarakan
(*) Corresponding Author


An experiential language lesson can be conducted in multiple ways, and a number of different activities can be included under the umbrella of ELT. For example, realia, show-and-tell, games, and videos are examples of teacher-fronted ELT activities. The main purpose of this research is to produce a set of instructional writing learning materials based on the experiential language learning approach. There were 2 classes involve in this research as respondents (N=48) and a writing instructor (N=1). The students as respondents asked to fill the questionnaires and the writing instructor asked to answer the questions in interview session. Based on the data finding suggest that 1) there were 66% students need the writing materials based on the experiential language learning to generate their writing performance in composing writing, 2) the students need that writing activities or tasks should be designed based the students’ experience (47,62%), 3) 44,64 % of the students still faced writing problems in composing paragraph, it indicates that grammar materials also must be involved in developing writing learning materials, 4) sharing with other and discussion is the writing strategy should be implemented by instructor to ask the students in writing learning process, 5) 34,15% of the students expect that source of writing learning materials should be taken from social media, 6) the writing instructor expects that developing writing materials based on the experiential language learning approach endorses students’ ability to write good English sentences or paragraph; sentence-building in narrative, descriptive, and expository paragraph, mechanical aspects of writing, identifying paragraph elements, grammar review, exercises on mechanical aspects and paragraph elements. Based on the data finding, it can be revealed that developing writing learning materials based on the experiential language learning will give a beneficial thing to improve their writing performance and endorse their writing achievements

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