Pelatihan Pemanfaatan Limbah Cangkang Telur sebagai Bahan Baku Pembuatan Kerajinan Kolase pada Keramik Tanah 1,2 (Gerabah) di Kabupaten Gowa

Ali Ahmad Muhdy(1*), Abd. Aziz Ahmad(2),

(1) Jurusan Pendidikan Seni Rupa, Fakultas Seni dan Desain, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(2) Jurusan Pendidikan Seni Rupa, Fakultas Seni dan Desain, Universitas Negeri Makassar
(*) Corresponding Author


The students of MTs Sultan Hasanuddin Pattunggalengang Limbung, Bajeng Subdistrict, Gowa Regency
are the people of the nation, full of potential which is expected to equip themselves to build their independence
through various training activities related to the field of study of cultural arts which they have been studying for
example art studies. In the information and technology era, students are expected to take part and participate in
developing the potential and talents that they have, in order to realize their independence and avoid full dependence
on others in the future. One form in filling students' lives while they are still in the learning process is practicing fine
arts skills in the form of training in making collage craft from natural waste raw materials in the form of eggshells
that are processed in such a way as to become a form of art. The purpose of this activity is to provide knowledge in
psychomotor (skills) aspects of expression and creative creation freely through a number of media such as eggshells,
glue, pottery, clear (varnish), and brushes. The method used in this training activity is the lecture method, question
and answer, demonstration (practice and exhibition), while the presentation is sorted according to the schedule and
allocation of time provided. This activity lasts for three working days, starting on Wednesday, September 6-8 2018
in one of the classrooms. To find out and measure the extent of the participants' ability to process and compile
various media provided, the instructor evaluates in practical activities. The results of the activity showed that the
participants were able to express and be creative in creating interesting motifs according to each section with an
average quality of 60-80, the minimum completeness value of the entire work produced.

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