The effect of Training and Placement of Employees on Employee Performance in PT. Bank Danamon tbk, Kuningan-Jakarta

Dede Andi(1*),

(1) Univesitas Pamulang
(*) Corresponding Author



This research aims to study the training and placement of employees at PT. Bank Danamon Tbk, Kuningan-Jakarta. The method used is explanatory research with a sample of 55 respondents. The analysis technique uses statistical analysis with regression testing, evaluation, determination and hypothesis testing. The results of this study significantly improved employee performance by 48.3%, the hypothesis test obtained significance of 0,000 <0.05. Significant job placement on employee performance by 34.4%, hypothesis testing obtained significance of 0,000 <0.05. Training and work placement is significant on employee performance by 56.2%, hypothesis testing obtained significance 0,000 <0.05.


Training, Job placement; Employee Performance.

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